The Megover

We took the website of a hip women's fashion retailer and modernized it, adding product recommendations that are based on the way women actually shop for clothes. zz

Meg is a women’s retail clothing line designed by Meghan Kinney and sold exclusively in her shops--four in New York City and one in Toronto. Shopping at Meg is like playing dress up with your girlfriends, with a young, enthusiastic staff who know how to nip and tuck you in all the right places. Meg’s effortless charisma shines through in her easy-to-wear dresses, playful jumpsuits and stylish separates.

Meg’s Site Was Broken and Brokedown

However, Meg’s website,, was broken in many ways. Its design was cold and dated, and didn’t reflect the liveliness ...

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part 3

Zeitgeist, relevance and substance are the dimensions of value in the new content economy. How do you change your position on these axis, and how do you monetize your content?

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part Two

Having identified zeitgeist, relevance and substance as the new dimensions of content value, we examine some successful and unsuccessful content business value propositions.

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part One

Content industries are engaging in much hand-wringing as they try to find a new business model to sustain them. But what they'd really like is that the new model be on the same terms as their old model. It's not going to happen.

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