User Generated Content for ACE

User Generated Content has been a challenge for most content management systems. With our new Content Sources, you can roundtrip content from where it's created on your site, into your ACE library, and back out again.

Historically, most CMS (Content Management System) software has focussed on a publishing model: content is created by administrative users, such as editors, and then published to the live website. This has been especially true of decoupled systems such as ACE, where the CMS is a separate system from the website.

The challenge has emerged from the rise of User Generated Content: content that is not generated editorially, but rather created by the users of the front end website. Whether it's comments or ratings, or some sort of matchmaking site (dating, job search etc.) where the entire point is that ...

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Hope For the Future

It's all to easy to feel pessimistic about the world, but here are three trends that make me hopeful about the future.

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Ghosts in the Machine: Amazon Echo and the Rise of the Digital Servant Class

A look at the new Amazon Echo, and what it means for the future of digital assistants.

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Email and Product Design: From Dilbert to Animal-Style

Product design is an expression of your company’s values. Incorporating this idea into the initial stages of planning a product or website is absolutely crucial.

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