Personal Flying Belts Considered Harmful

Technology makes things more efficient, but more efficient isn't always good. A post about flying, disruption and compassionate design.

What if we could fly?

I'm not talking about flying in the bad-customer-experience-in-a-metal-tube sense, but personal, effortless, flight. Imagine a flight experience that was akin to riding a bicycle. Say that there was this belt, and once you put it on you could levitate and move through the air by force of will, at satisfyingly fast but controllable speeds. Want to fly up to the top of that skyscraper? Done. Want to fly across town and skip the traffic? Done. Want to float lazily through the air all afternoon? Done. Humankind has wanted this, well, forever. The inventor of ...

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The Megover

We took the website of a hip women's fashion retailer and modernized it, adding product recommendations that are based on the way women actually shop for clothes.

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part 3

Zeitgeist, relevance and substance are the dimensions of value in the new content economy. How do you change your position on these axis, and how do you monetize your content?

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part Two

Having identified zeitgeist, relevance and substance as the new dimensions of content value, we examine some successful and unsuccessful content business value propositions.

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