Chip Block on Content: Cheap Is Good, Free is Better

We spoke to retired media entrepreneur MJ "Chip" Block about the current state of online publishing. Chip founded six companies over 35 years, including Games Magazine and Applied Interactive Media.

Chip served as a media consultant for many years, with clients like Time Warner, Newscorp, the Washington Post Co., and many others. Currently he's an elected commissioner in the town of Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida. Chip is an advisor and investor to Axilent.

Interview by Lisa Levy.

Lisa: In this series we’re talking to people who have different ideas about the state of and the future of content on the web. Initial thoughts?

Chip: I don't think you can talk about the present without talking about the past and the value of content as perceived in the ...

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Personal Flying Belts Considered Harmful

Technology makes things more efficient, but more efficient isn't always good. A post about flying, disruption and compassionate design.

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The Megover

We took the website of a hip women's fashion retailer and modernized it, adding product recommendations that are based on the way women actually shop for clothes.

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part 3

Zeitgeist, relevance and substance are the dimensions of value in the new content economy. How do you change your position on these axis, and how do you monetize your content?

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