Content's Winter of Discontent Part 3

Zeitgeist, relevance and substance are the dimensions of value in the new content economy. How do you change your position on these axis, and how do you monetize your content?

This is the third of a three part series. In the first part I talked about how the old friction models were failing content businesses and introduced a model for content value based on zeitgeist, relevance and substance. In the second part I looked at a number of businesses in the real world and how they fit into the zeitgest-relevance-substance model.

Changing Your Tune

So what if you have an existing content business, and you want to boost your value proposition?

It's a good idea to start off knowing what problem you're trying to solve. In our model ...

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part Two

Having identified zeitgeist, relevance and substance as the new dimensions of content value, we examine some successful and unsuccessful content business value propositions.

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Content's Winter of Discontent Part One

Content industries are engaging in much hand-wringing as they try to find a new business model to sustain them. But what they'd really like is that the new model be on the same terms as their old model. It's not going to happen.

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Product Design and Privacy

Do product designers, especially in the new contextual web, have responsibility for user data privacy concerns? How should they address them in the designs of their products?

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