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Chatbots, Alexa Skills, AI. These are Conversational Applications: automated systems that can interact intelligently with your customers.

Axilent builds Conversational Apps to empower your organization.

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The Power of Conversational Apps

Conversational Apps let you interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis, but with far less overhead cost.

Conversational Apps used for customer service can dramatically reduce its cost.

Conversational Apps used for sales support can answer prospective buyer questions, and assist the sales process.

Conversational Apps can extend your social reach, by monitoring and speaking on social media.

Conversational Apps For...

Our Method: Conversational Product Management

Our Tools


Talkback is a framework for Conversational Apps, using the Python programming language. It is built on the concept of creating apps with a common core of functionality that interfaces with various different platforms (such as Facebook Messenger, Alexa etc.).

Talkback is an open source project, created by Axilent.

CAVE Language

CAVE Language is a visual design language for describing contextual behavior by Conversational Apps. It was developed to fill a gap in product design: previously there was no effective vehicle for describing Conversational App behavior.

CAVE Language is released under a Creative Commons license, and is free for anyone to use.

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