Observe. Interpret. Respond.

With ACE, the Adaptive Context Engine, your websites and applications can interact with users contextually, just like a natural language conversation.

With applications for e-commerce, publishing and matchmaking (such as job search or dating), ACE can connect people to content, products or other people, in a way that is appropriate to their personality, affinity, goals and environment.

No longer is it necessary to design an application or website that is the same to all users. With the power of ACE, your site or app can respond appropriately and contextually to users, increasing engagement, conversion and effectiveness.

Expert Recommendations

ACE can power content or product recommendations, using a system that incorporates the knowledge of real world expertise. Content items (content or products) are relevant for the reasons they are relevant in real life. You control both the relevancy model for content and, through ACE's Content Channels, the balance of algorithms used to select content or products for recommendation.

Insightful User Profiling

Understand your users better with the ACE Profiler. Through observing user action, you can understand users' personalities, their likes and interests, their goals and their environment. Unlike a mere analytics package, ACE can respond dynamically to these factors, allowing you to customize individual user experiences.

For E-Commerce

Boost conversion by using targeted product recommendations.

Product recommendations have never been this powerful. By incorporating your real-world expertise into ACE's relevancy model, your customer will see products that are relevant to them for the reasons they are relevant in the real world.

Select from any of ACE's 5 powerful content selection algorithms to power your content recommendations. Or use ACE's behavioral segmentation tools to isolate the most valuable group in your customer base. You can even change the user experience based on the customer's behavior.

ACE can provide a customized shopping experience, as if a senior customer service rep was handling the sale personally. Use it to significantly improve your conversion rate.

For Publishing

Increase audience engagement by bringing them relevant, related, and personalized content.

Publishing depends on capturing the attention of your readers, and nothing does that better than putting content in front of them that is bound to be of interest. By carefully targeting readers with content that is relevant, or is of interest to them, you can effectively extend user sessions, documenting more audience attention for the traffic you have.

Using ACE's Profiler, you can correlate user actions to understand your publishing site's affinity model: the patterns that define audience engagement with your content. The you can use ACE's behavioral segmentation to identify the most valuable segments of your audience.

By measuring and boosting audience engagement, you can iterate and improve on the performance of editorial content, and, over time, make a strong case for premium CPMs to advertisers.

For Matchmaking Applications

Whether dating, job search, vendor sourcing or any other matchmaking application, ACE is the expert connector.

The Internet provides untold opportunities for services and applications to match people to other people, jobs, resources and so on. If you are a startup or established company that has an idea for such a matchmaking application, ACE can be the expert intelligence that powers it.

ACE provides the unique opportunity to use its powerful behavioral segmentation and targeting engine to power your application, using the rules of your specific business. Whether matching people to people, to products, to content or to opportunities, ACE can automate your expertise to provide superior matches and a superior user experience.

Need Some Help?

Axilent Digital Services can develop your product, build your website or app, and power it all with ACE.

If you would like some assistence developing your website, service or application, Axilent Digital Services can provide full service design and development. We have decades of experience in web and application development, and help you bring your project to fruition. We offer product design, user expierence design, visual design and technical development services.

We work both on an all-inclusive project basis, as well as in conjunction with other vendors.

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